Build Your Skills with Our Bootcamp qualification Courses in Flint, MI

Getting started in a new field requires learning the right skills – and learning from the right people. We’re pleased to offer HVAC bootcamp qualification courses in Flint, MI, backed by decades of industry experience.

The owner of HVAC BOOTCAMP, Brien Hollis, began his HVAC career in 1983 by working with heating and cooling companies. He has owned his own HVAC supply and repair business for over 21 years and also has experience teaching for GM™, Ford™, and Chrysler™. Read on to learn more about his qualifications, or contact us with any questions about our courses or NATE certification.

Licenses, Certifications, and Associations

• Mechanical License #71-11125
• Boiler Installers License #315329 2B
• Boiler Operators Fireman License #01-05220

• Universal State EPA Certified, Section 608 Examiner #100812
• OSHA Class 3 ONM Asbestos Training #010410006
• York Star Certified

Our owner’s long and wide-ranging background in the HVAC industry makes him well-suited for leading bootcamp qualification courses. Mr. Hollis is licensed for Hydronics, processed piping, HVAC, ductwork, and unlimited heating, refrigeration, and AC services. He also has a patent on a unique, forced air furnace (1994, patent #6,109,531) and two years of training in electronics and engineering.

Mr. Hollis has been a member of the Inventors Council of Michigan for more than two decades. Other past associations include NFIB and ACCA. Contact his team today to learn more about his background, NATE certification cost, and our training courses.